At the start of my writing career, I was a regular freelance contributor to the Orange County Register. One of my favorite columns was during the El Nino storms of 1997-98, in which I interviewed a roofer and the owner of a chain of car washes. As you can imagine, the roofer was so busy, he did not have time to tie his shoes, while the car wash owner was struggling.

Noticing the countless sandbags in the area, I wondered what was to become of them after the storms subsided. Where do sandbags go?

To learn the answer, I visited a kindergarten class and asked the kids what should be done with all the leftover sandbags. The hand of a little girl immediately shot up and when called upon she said enthusiastically, “Make a beach!”

It was a brilliant response and I learned that many times, kids have the answer when grown-ups don’t.

This is true today. It seems to me that the many community forums that are held by the school district are not attracting all of the necessary voices. To solve some of our problems, we should be asking more opinions from the people who are often most affected by school board decisions and who often have the best answers because they are unfiltered by egos, politics and rubber stamping habits.

We should be having far more discussions with our students.


This is the home stretch. If you want a voice on the board who will challenge the status quo, who will bring new ways of looking at old problems, and who will treat every taxpayer dollar with respect, this is the time to make your commitment to my election. You can help by:

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