(Reader note: Each week, I am presenting an idea for the improvement of our schools for discussion. This is the type of high level thinking and communication you can expect from me as you school board member. I am the only candidate doing this.)

Thanks to a busy week, I am making it just under the wire with this week’s idea.

On Wednesday night, I participated in a forum for the folks running for the various school board seats. And despite a rude, personal comment made about me behind my back into the microphone during the forum by my opponent, I am very pleased with the outcome because it highlighted the vast difference between my opponent and me.

You can watch the video here: http://youtu.be/fdypS8xLNlo

The rude comment appears just after the two hour mark when I left for a couple of minutes to take a bathroom break. When I saw it, I was happy because it told me that I had hit a nerve. I had been discussing alternatives to the tired way of doing things while she was defending the status quo and it had gotten to her.

When all is said and done, my opponent, who was hand-picked by the current school board to replace David Brooks – is more of the same… More of the same complacency, indifference, foot-dragging and bungling that have characterized this school board for years. It was clear to me before the forum and even more clear now, that she is not going to challenge the status quo, not going to ask the tough questions of the million-dollar brain trust and not going to do much of anything except go along with her colleagues on the dais.

That means a continued lack of accountability, continued disrespect for teachers and taxpayers, and a tremendous failure to come up with innovative solutions to the many problems facing your school district.

School improvement idea of the week #10: Don’t elect another rubber stamper.


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