Away for the weekend, I indulged myself in a few minutes of college football on television.

The bit of the game I saw was Texas A&M vs. Mississippi State and I was just in time to see A&M defensive end Qualen Cunningham make a helmet-to-helmet tackle on the Mississippi quarterback. This type of tackle is a serious infraction for which Cunningham was ejected for the remainder of the game.

The hit was bad enough, but it was what happened immediately after that is the subject here.

The number on Cunningham’s was hard to read and the referees wound up tossing out the wrong player. Cunningham, his teammates and the coaching staff said nothing.

It was not until a few moments later that the referees realized their error and tossed Cunningham.

The right thing for the young man to do would have been to approach the nearest ref and say, “You’ve got the wrong player. I was the one who hit the quarterback.” But he didn’t and neither did his coaches, who sent a message to the team that character and personal responsibility is less important than winning a football game.