There are at least two schools of thought when campaigning. One is to avoid saying anything of substance and stay away from taking strong positions because that can only lead to actually being held accountable for something.

The other is the path I have chosen. I choose not only to address existing issues in our district in a clear and direct manner, but to call attention to matters that otherwise may not have shown up on your radar.

I don’t believe in playing it safe. I’ve made my positions very clear both on this blog and through the Daily Pilot column I wrote for 15 years. And if that costs me a few votes on November 4, so be it – I will have no regrets.

There are issues within our district that have not been properly addressed. More important, there is an attitude that I would like to bring to the board – the same one you’ve been reading about here and in the Daily Pilot for 15 years.

The attitude is that a good idea can come from anyone, even those with whom we routinely disagree or may not even like. The attitude is that those with the most experience do not always know the best solutions – thought often they do – and if those solutions are presented in a thoughtful constructive manner, they may take root. The attitude is that trying and failing is not as bad as the failure to try at all. The attitude is that every parent, every taxpayer in this district deserves respect and attention.

That’s my school of thought.