Thanks to the generosity of taxpayers, the school district was given permission to spend almost half a billion dollars to upgrade our schools via the passage of two school bonds. I wrote at the time in Daily Pilot columns that while I was not opposed to the bonds being floated to raise the money, I was opposed to letting that school board administrate the process. They had not, in my opinion, earned the right to receive and spend that much money, certainly not after Steve Wagner waltzed off with a few million of our tax dollars. I wrote that many people reading the column would have a harder time getting a car loan than the school board is having getting the hundreds of millions from those bonds.

Little by little, I have been proven right, a point I am not proud to make because it means financial mismanagement, but it is a point I am compelled to make because I am a candidate for a seat on the board and you need to know how I will do things differently.

The latest example of this mismanagement is the failure to include classroom air conditioning in the plans to spend those hundred of millions of dollars. Imagine… all that money coming in, all those so-called experts and consultants offering high-paid advice and either no one thought to include air conditioning or the idea came up and it was rejected.

It’s one or the other, readers, but either way, kids and teachers lose.

So, you see, the problem is not that the classrooms don’t have air conditioning, the problem is that you do not have people on the school board who possess the vision to make the most out of opportunities, or to create opportunities. The problem is a lack of vision.