Several days ago, my commentary in the Daily Pilot concerned the fact that the superintendent was charging $32 for a breakfast meeting that included a “state of the schools” speech. I offered that a similar speech, given free by the president of the United States, should be given for free here as well. I also offered three options for hearing or watching the speech for free, one of which was to tape it and post it on the district’s website. There are more details in the post just prior to this one.

At tonight’s school board meeting, one board member used part of the comment time to point out that:

a) The breakfast is patterned after one in Tustin that has been going on for four years, and

b) The speech will be shown on the district’s website, “… which was the intent all along.”

Really? That was the intent all along? Funny, because as of right now (7:45 on 9/9), there is no mention of this on the district’s website, and there is no mention of it on the invitation I received in the mail about a week ago.

If the intent was to broadcast the speech live or archived, it would have been nice to let everyone know as soon as the event was scheduled. But that’s how it goes on Bear St., aka the “Communication Motel” – where, to borrow the slogan from a popular consumer product, information goes in, but it doesn’t come out.

Taxpayers should be happy on a couple of scores, though. First, at least the board member decided to break the board’s code of silence and answer some criticism. And second, regardless of how it happened, the speech will be free to those who cannot or do not want to pay $32 for breakfast.