Election years and campaigns have a habit of making people and organizations do strange things. In an election year, there is talk of lower taxes, higher wages and anything else that will resonate with voters. You know them as promises.

Locally, you can expect the school board to start talking about giving our excellent teachers on the Costa Mesa’s Westside the support they need to improve the performance in several of the elementary schools.

You can expect to hear them talk of using “best practices” to help increase district efficiency.

You can expect to hear them talk of wanting to increase communication with the community.

You can expect to hear them say a lot of things, but as my two kids will tell you, “Talk is cheap, action is everything.”

Just remember, you heard it here first.



My candidacy supports:

  • School improvement, particularly on Costa Mesa’s Westside
  • Increased communication to help keep you informed
  • Increased transparency so you know where your tax dollars are going
  • Best practices to increase efficiency
  • Less complacency and less indifference
  • Renewed vitality

Your vote on November 4 is appreciated. And tell a friend!

Thank you.