One point on which (almost) everyone will agree is that improving school performance starts with improving teacher support. Teachers who are not saddled with reports and endless testing have more time to teach – really teach.

An online issue of the Harvard Gazette from January, 2013, highlighted a meeting of school minds. They wrote: “A panel of leading thinkers shared five visions of education’s future during an Askwith Forum on Tuesday at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. The scenarios ranged widely, from redefining the function of schools and teachers to adopting learning models that have succeeded in other nations.”

One speaker, Frederick Hess, Ed.M., said, “Teachers should be asked to do less, and allowed to focus on what they do best.”

Gee, what a concept. Yes, let’s figure out ways to drastically reduce the non-teaching duties of our teachers. How do we find out what’s consuming their time and needs to be cut? Ask the teachers.