… Programs and policies. One is productive, the other is not.

When we discuss people and personalities, the only thing we accomplish is increasing hostility. When we discuss programs and policies, we discuss ideas and we increase the possibility of improvement.

Unfortunately, some people like to discuss people and personalities. They like to discuss people and personalities because pinning something on someone as the cause of a problem is easy – there is defined target and a goal that is more easily achieved than working to develop long-term solutions. 

What the people and personality crowd fails to recognize is that people are temporary but a good policy is forever.

I was reminded of this yesterday as I thought about the teachers in some of the schools on the Westside of Costa Mesa. I’ve called the schools “failing” and “underperforming,” – hammering on it, actually – but I’ve never written that the teachers are at fault. Why? Because they aren’t. They are working under the programs and policies of a school district that is unwilling or unable to provide them with the tools they need to succeed.

Programs and policies, not people and personalities.