I can. As an award-winning journalist whose career spans 16 years, I have kept plenty of them. There was the politician I interviewed who insisted on having his wife on the call. After a few minutes, his wife started belittling him to the point where I actually felt sorry for the guy. But I’ve never revealed his name, even though I could have created a lot of buzz by doing so.

Over the years, there were many such interviews and incidents and I have never revealed the details – and will not.

During my 15 years as a columnist for the Daily Pilot, I wrote often about school matters and heard from many teachers. Most of them did not want me to reveal their names. I understand. 

If you are teacher and you reach out to me via e-mail (SmithNMUSDBoard@gmail.com) or through a post on this blog, I will not reveal your name if you choose. Ever.