One of the chronic, fundamental shortcomings of the school board is their lack of communication with taxpayers. I pointed out in a previous post that while we read and hear city council members and candidates from both cities throughout the year, the school board representatives can’t seem to find the time to express their opinions in public forums.

It’s not enough for me to just say I will be different (talk is cheap), I have to prove it to you. I have started my policy of increased communication on two fronts, with more to come. The first front is the blog you’re reading. This is not an election-year gimmick – I fully expect to continue this blog after I’m elected so you can get regular updates on district happenings with a minimum effort. The difference between my news and the news that you’ll read on the district website is that I will be reporting and commenting on issues you probably won’t find on the district website. As far as I am concerned, unless the rules prohibit the discussion, you have a right to know.

The second front is online forums. Here is the link to the Daily Pilot story announcing my candidacy.,0,4383923.story.

Go to the comments section and notice that I have responded to almost every comment. As your school board representative, you have a right to know what I am thinking and I’ll provide you with multiple opportunities to find out. Not only now, while I’m working to get elected, but as long as I am in office. And now it’s in writing.

To help bring a new, refreshing voice to your school board:

  • Vote for Steve Smith on November 4
  • Ask your friends, family and co-workers to vote for Steve Smith
  • Make a donation. For donation information, e-mail Steve at

Thank you