The students in both Costa Mesa and Newport Beach are suffering under an administration that is either unable or unwilling to fix the many problems we face.

Whether it is the failing schools on Costa Mesa’s Westside, the fumbling of the cheating incident at Corona del Mar High School, the wasteful contract manipulations for district executives, and more, the fact is that this current board is either unable or unwilling to take steps to resolve major issues. They’ve had enough opportunities, now it’s time for someone else to try.

I am running because we don’t need another rubber stamp on the board. We need someone who will ask questions, be concerned and who has the ability to communicate these concerns on behalf of his constituents.

Perhaps most important, I wish to increase the school board’s level of transparency and accountability and make taxpayer responsibility a priority. It is about time for everyone on Bear St. to be reminded that their salaries, their desks, even their staplers, were all paid for by tax dollars contributed by hard-working people like you. As such, you have a right to know where your money is going.

I may be one little vote, but I will be one big voice.

To start down the road of improvement, please vote for me on November 4 and ask your friends, family members and co-workers to vote for me, too.

To help bring a new, refreshing voice to your school board:

  • Vote for Steve Smith on November 4
  • Ask your friends, family and co-workers to vote for Steve Smith
  • Make a donation. For donation information, e-mail Steve at

Thank you